What is Expert Systems? Expert systems are designed to solve complex problems by reasoning about knowledge, like an expert, and not by following the procedure of a developer as is the case in conventional programming.

What is Human Expert? An expert / expert (human expert) is an individual who has a superior capability understanding of a problem. For example: a doctor, financial advisor, an expert in car engines, etc..

 Comparison of Human Expert and Expert Systems

  • Time Availability : Human Expert (Working day). Expert Systems (any time)
  • Geographical :  Human Expert (specific location). Expert Systems (wherever)
  • Security: Human Expert (not replaceable). Expert Systems (can be replaced)
  • Perishable : Human Expert (yes). Expert Systems (no)
  • Performance : Human Expert (variable). Expert Systems (consistent)
  • Speed:Human Expert (variable). Expert Systems (consistent and more fast)

The fundamental reason why the ES (Expert Systems) was developed to replace a experts:

  • Can provide expertise at all times and in various locations
  • Automatically doing routine tasks that require an expert.
  • An expert will retire or leave
  • An expert is expensive
  • Expertise is needed also in a hostile environment (hostile environtment)

Comparison of Conventional Systems and Expert System

 The Conventional Systems  andExpert System

Conventional Systems vs Expert System